Bringing G.I.G. back as a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization
providing needed facilities and services to
the music community of San Antonio.


G.I.G. is a sanctuary amidst San Antonios sea of bars. Currently musicians are relegated to performing in noisy clubs and festivals which are social events where musicians are often ignored. The accepted business model is to use musicians to attract customers to sell products. G.I.G. will be the only establishment built specifically for the musicians offering respect, support, high quality sound in safe and family friendly alcohol free listening room environment.

G.I.G. is currently seeking a new home  to represent the local artists of San Antonio and showcase them in a unique and respectful environment. It will be an alternative for both artists and patrons alike where people of all ages and walks of life can create and share original music.

G.I.G. is about creating, performing and listening to original music and it will be a destination location bringing in artists and patrons from every corner of the city and beyond. This listening room will bring a unique option in entertainment by showcasing the musicians of San Antonio and highlighting their artistic energy.
Focus will be on respect, comfort, audio quality and providing every guest and artist the best experience possible. The decor will be rustic consisting of colorful artwork submitted by individuals from the local community along with curated collections from area colleges and high school art departments.
The amphitheater style seating and lighting scheme discourages interpersonal interaction and will focus attention on the art being performed while enhancing the recordings, videos and photographs being made.Using lighting, music, dance, vendors, poetry, a public piano, DJ’s, sidewalk chalk, storytellers, games, buskers and more all designed to arouse curiosity and pull people in.

Events such as screenings of local filmmakers projects, spoken word groups, art openings, classes and meetings, recitals, MeetUp groups, clubs such as chess and scrabble and others will have this space with its comfortable seating, climate controlled environment, couches and tables, PA and projector available for use (by donation). All ideas to bring attention to G.I.G. will be considered. This will be a perpetually evolving community enjoyment center and always, as our motto states, be "All ages, all original, all the time.”

San Antonio does not presently have a nurturing and developmental performance venue. G.I.G. will be an incubator for tomorrow's musicians and provide friends, family and the community with a warm and welcoming space to encourage creativity. G.I.G. is for the musicians of San Antonio and those wishing to enjoy arts and live music in a respectful establishment. High School students, at risk youth, those interested in music and creativity, aspiring entrepreneurs, University students, those unable or who do not wish to be around alcohol and families local to or visiting San Antonio will be targeted.

b. Mission/Vision Statements
G.I.G. will exist to provide a safe and respectful performance and learning space to nurture the aspiring musicians of San Antonio.
G.I.G. is moving forward with plans for non-profit status which will provide growth revenue and will seek grants from donor agencies and individuals who wish to help inspire and nurture the music community and reduce the rate of alcohol abuse in San Antonio through the creative arts.


G.I.G. was founded in March of 2008 at 2803 N. St. Mary’s in San Antonio, Tx.. It opened at the onset of the most devastating fiscal crisis in fifty years. People were losing jobs and homes. They were scared and clinging to every dollar. Through a creative marketing and crowd sourcing strategy the venue not only survived but grew to become a beloved hotspot for local musicians. They came to know the integrity of the establishment and its reputation of caring. The intention was to create a truly unique environment by taking note of all the things other venues were not doing and finding ways to improve the plight of both the musician and patron alike.

The establishment provided the respect the artists craved. No smoking or alcohol were allowed. After the first year, performances of cover songs were eliminated. Talking during performances was also discouraged. The patrons respected this and the artists loved it.
Countless artists spoke of difficulty getting booked for shows due to their lack of samples, experience or draw but at G.I.G., all were welcomed. Those with no sample recordings played a show and walked away with a quality recording of their performance to use for promotional purposes or sell.
Cover charges were free, then went to $3 and settled at $5 excluding special events. The concessions offered items not found at other establishments such as apple juice, sodas, health drinks,energy drinks Starbucks, nuts, jerky, candy, cookies, chips etc.
Quality photographs were taken during performances. Using social media these photographs were tagged and published. These photos are currently archived on the G.I.G. Facebook page. All photos had the the venue logo prominently imbedded and were broadly shared. Word spread and soon there were more musicians than available slots.

Recordings were  produced with existing equipment. A free copy of which was given to each artist. Many had never had quality recordings or images of their performances. From these recordings one track was isolated and a youtube video was produced and posted featuring the artist and venue information bringing even more exposure to the establisment and the artists alike. Today over 400 videos exist on youtube featuring the artists of G.I.G. and to date have accumulated over 51,000 views G.I.G. YouTube playlists

These recordings were sold (with permission from the artists) as souvenirs to the patrons and the service proved to be extremely popular and boosted venue revenue and artist exposure.

The venue gained acclaim for its fairness, sound quality, and respectful treatment of its artists who would often reciprocate by returning their percentage of the door. Donations of equipment, furniture, artwork and services increased. On May 10th, 2012 came closing day. The strip center housing the business had been sold to the owner of a nearby bar and forced the closure of G.I.G..
List is for evening activities only.
Admission $5 excluding special events.
Concession markup %150 to %200 on most items.
Rental space for private events $200 per day available.
Markup on consignment and retail items will vary.
Souvenir recording $5.
Studio recording, photography and videography services on a per case basis.
Admission will be $5 or more on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays excluding special events.
Open mic on Thursdays is by donation.
Closed Mondays except for rental. Sundays are reserved for community and special events or rental.
b. Marketing plan, including price points
With its low cost and high effectiveness in our target audience social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram will be key in the outreach plans and will primarily focus on the youth (who are tech savvy and well versed in social media). Maximum outreach can be achieved at minimal cost. If needed, a $20 boost on Facebook reaches q 630 - 1,700 targeted audience plus organic reach.
Other free methods of promotion include press releases to media outlets such as the SA Current, San Antonio Express News,, and local college radio stations.
Photography and audio/video recordings will greatly promote both G.I.G. and the musicians of San Antonio through social media sharing. And of course, word of mouth is invaluable. Contacts will be sourced by email to government officials, local schools, media outlets and businesses informing them that there is a place to showcase, to learn, to teach and to grow San Antonio's talent and how they can participate.
c. Design aesthetics
The atmosphere will be rustic keeping true to the buildings history. A colorful, intimate and welcoming, living room environment will be the goal. Rotating artwork will reflect park and venue sensibilities.

d. Proposed timeline with milestones, including projected opening date (assume October 1, 2016 as the date the building is released for tenant finish out.)

1st week of October.
Begin collecting materials from storage. Build promotion teams. Begin contacting artists and building bills. Contact area organizations to request their participation in grand opening such as Youth Orchestra of San Antonio, Network for Young Artists, The Northeast School of the Arts, San Antonio Pipes and Drums, San Antonio Marching Band,  Alamo City Community Marching Band, Urban 15, San Antonio Jazz Poets, Gemini Ink etc..
Begin promotions for grand opening. Decorate space. Setup and test PA. Shakedown. Soft opening fundraising shows. Contact media to set up coverage. Coordinate with park for food trucks. Begin forging relationships with nearby businesses.
2nd week of October.
Confirm grand opening participants. Promotions and building shows. Shakedown performances. Remainder of month will be spent on promotions and building events for normal operations.
Saturday November 5th grand opening. All day event.
Tuesday November 8th begin normal operations.
4. Financial Plan
Monthly breakdown is available in spreadsheet available at the link below.
G.I.G. financials spreadsheet
Business registration fees already in place
Certificate of occupancy $200 if needed.
Health Department NA
Starting inventory Concession first buy $200
Rent deposits NA
Down payments on property NA
Down payments on equipment NA
CPS deposit $300
Salaries 1 employee $750
Rent $2.25 - 29.50 calculated for evening activities
Promotion $0-50 monthly
Supplies $50
Maintenance $50
Insurance $200
a. Proforma or Profit and Loss – by month for first 12 months and by year thereafter
$4,459 profit is seen for the first year through September 2017 for evening activities. At this time it not possible to estimate daytime revenue but a gradual yearly increase of overall revenue is expected.
b. Personnel plan
One paid staff member until non-profit status is achieved. No more than one more paid staff member is anticipated at this time. Interns and volunteers will be utilized.
c. Budget, including build-out, start-up and operations

Ruben Garcia
[email protected]